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Kathryn Libbey » General Music and Chorus

General Music and Chorus

On this page you will find resources for every general music and chorus student.  You will find the music handbook, as well as resources for new students.  
These are the books we use at the piano in general music class.  K-4 , 5-8
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6-8th graders - writing lyrics

Hello.  I hope this post finds you well.  Chorus students - I miss you guys.  So sorry about the concert. 
Let's get started with writing song lyrics.  You may notice that many songs rhyme.  I'd like you to start writing your own songs lyrics.  Don't worry about the melody.  Let's focus on the words themselves.  
Google the following song lyrics.  There you will find some rhyme schemes to help you get started.  I specifically chose songs that tell a story.  You don't have to tell a story - maybe you simply have something to say.  Either way, your lyrics should contain a central theme.  Maybe each verse tells the short story of different people who all have something in common.  
"Cowboy Bill"  Garth Brooks
"Alabama Clay"  Garth Brooks
"Love Story"  Taylor Swift
Let me know if you'd like more examples.
Have fun!

In the event that there is a school closing

Please find resources here on my web page for all K-8 students.  Grades K-2 may play music games.  Grades 3-5 may find games that work for them as well.  If you find that a game is too easy, move on to the next.  Grades 6-8 may compose at home.  Please see the ear training link for grades 6-8 as well.